Sunday, July 27, 2008

moving day

We're really moving.

Earlier today
I didn't know if it would really happen. I didn't know if we'd really do it. Picking up and moving our lives seemed too large a feat to truly happen. And then, as we drove across the city to pick up the moving truck, I realized it was happening and fast.

Hours later with the truck loaded, we took a final drive through our beloved city. We said our goodbyes, gazed at the buildings that have held so many memories, passed the quiet tree-lined street where we began this adventure.

Later still as we finished the cleaning and packed the last miscellaneous things into boxes, I lost it. I cried quietly at first and then let out big gasping sobs. My cries echoed off the bare walls and bounced up the stairs. Charlie sat across from me equally exhausted. I felt so beat down, so impossibly exhausted, I swore I would never allow us to move ourselves all on our own ever again. Never again!

I am happy to say I'm feeling slightly better. A hot shower and clean sheets do wonders, even if the night is spent on an air mattress. We have a bottle of wine. We are going to drink some. Tradition calls for a bottle of red wine upon arrival and departure of this city. We've packed the glasses already, so I think we'll be drinking it straight from the bottle.

Tomorrow we pull away from Baltimore and head for Indiana. We're staying the night with a dear friend before making our way to Chicago on Tuesday morning.

I have much more to say about Baltimore, about this move, about a lot of things. But for now, this is all I can muster the energy for.

If you're new to this blog, I have more to tell you about me. If you're joining from an old blog, hello again. Thanks for joining me.

More from Chicago.

In the words of William Miller, It's all happening, it's all happening.


Channing said...

There are few things more stressful in life than moving. Not only is all the energy involved overwhelming, it happens all while mourning the loss of a place you called home for so long.

Luckily one of the most exciting things in life is packing up everything you own and setting out on a new adventure.

boombasticat said...

Congratulations on the move. The hardest part, I think, is over. Chicago memories now being made.