Thursday, August 21, 2008

september, 2004

As I cleaned and organized some files last night, I came across a handful of photos from my first year in Baltimore. This shot was taken by Charlie when we were house-sitting for some Hopkins professors. These professors were spending two weeks in France, so we were left in charge of their 100 acres of land, three cats, and dog Frankie. They had a beautiful French-style country house, along with a writing cabin each on the property. There were no television sets, no locks on the doors, and a simple kitchen that we cooked dinner in each night. After dinner we would walk the property with Frankie. Our goal was to allow him to burn off some of his puppy energy, but mostly we admired the beauty of rural Maryland and talked about eventually having a country estate of our own. It was a beautiful two weeks.


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Yeah, jeez. That sounds really nice. And great photo here, too.