Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the house on the hill

It has been cold in Chicago. Really cold. Sure it's been cold outside, but mostly it's been cold inside our apartment. Finally today our furnace was serviced and we're currently thawing out. For the last few days I've been working slowly on what seems to be the insurmountable task of archiving and organizing the photos I've taken over the years.

Tonight I came across a small handful of photographs taken when we lived in our first apartment together. We rented three floors of the back of a large house. The house was built before the Civil War and still included the original fixtures. Our living space was situated on the top two floors. On the bottom floor was an unfinished studio space.
It was a dream workspace. I had an area near the window set up with my paints. In the middle of the room we had a writing desk with our typewriters and cabinets filled with paper, photographs, books, and pencils. The windows looked out to two acres of land. It was quiet and really unreal.

I have such wonderful memories of our first two years of marriage in that apartment. It was the perfect place to begin our life together.


Channing said...

These are wonderful, Myndi. What a beautiful essay on home. You guys always pick the best living spaces. Can't wait to see the Chicago digs.

Chris said...

you haven't seen cold yet. January-February is just about as awful as it gets.