Tuesday, November 18, 2008

at home with friends

November will always be important because it will be known at the month when Chicago began to feel like home. Four months after moving, I can finally say I feel like this is home. Joining the thousands of others in Grant Park on November 4th set the feeling in motion. Then showing off the city to friends two weekends in row cinched the feeling in my mind.

Last Thursday we welcomed old Baltimore friends Becca and Matthew through our doors. We had a wonderful weekend catching up. I'll never get over the feeling of placing old friends in new places. It's a surreal feeling. To be in a relatively new place with friends that have known you a long time, it's both strange and comforting. It's sort of like getting married and seeing your childhood friends mingle with your college friends. Everything comes together.

After our first full day together downtown, we finished off the night at one of our favorite spots, the Violet Hour. Later in the weekend we caught a show at Second City, viewed the city from the Signature Room, and walked the halls of the Art Institute. It was sad to see them go on Sunday. As with every visit, there never seems to be enough time together.

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Erica said...

I really believe that showing old friends your new place really helps make it feel more like "yours". Playing hostess has a way of making you take ownership of a place quicker than just going about your daily life.

As a side note to your post: I've been looking after the home of the new president of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He's my dad's former boss and he's asked me to basically move in at the start of the new year and look after their home while they put it on the market. If you ever run into him while visiting the Art Institute, tell him hi!