Sunday, November 9, 2008

November Flurries

This weekend we hosted friends Angela, Anthony, Kristina, and Jason from Florida and Minnesota, respectively. Angela and Anthony managed the cold weather with extra layers and hardly made a peep when temperatures dipped into the thirties. They were total troopers and I think they could easily make a second home in Chicago.

The soon-to-be new parents Kristina and Jason celebrated a big Iowa win and introduced us to old friends Rob and Tova. We all admired Kristina's growing belly and speculated whether she will have a boy or a girl (I'm leaning towards a boy). I predict they are going to be the hippest parents around with a baby that can discuss the merits of vinyl albums versus CDs and knows how to design his or her own playroom.

It was a wonderful weekend to be out in the city taking in the sights with old friends. Showing others our new town makes me feel more a part of things and proud of our surroundings.


Angela A. said...

what a great time we had! We will have to plan another visit when the weather is warm. Still can't believe Anthony missed the little snow flurry!

~Jess said...

Pictures are fantastic! I want a trip to Chicago!!

PS. Tag you're it on my blog.