Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Ahead

I miss making art. It has been a consistent part of my life since childhood. But in recent months, it has taken a backseat to other obligations and distractions. Today it dawned on me how much I miss devoting that time to making art and writing. I've talked with many of my creative friends about making time for these passions, about how important it is to work hard in all aspects of your life and to devote yourself fully to what makes you the happiest. Because at the end of the day? That's what matters most. Lately I don't feel I've given those parts of my life enough attention. There have been times when I've let one portion of my life overshadow the other. And sometimes this is unavoidable. When work requires a long day, I want nothing more in the evening than to sit with Charlie, watch some TV, and drink some wine. I feel mentally and physically drained and the thought of working on any personal, creative pursuits? No thank you.

It might be the changing seasons. When the weather shifts, I awaken again and evaluate the months that have passed. I think about what I am thankful for and what is missing. And today I'm making a public pledge to devote more time to my creative pursuits. I'm committing myself to a weekly check-in on here through May 1st as I jump start my routine. We shall see what results may come.

I'm also sharing my weekly check-in questions below. Even if I fall off keeping a journal, I still sit down with the following questions each week. I recommend it. It will help you discover if anything in your life is out of balance and help you clear your mind. Saturday morning, before your coffee, evaluate yourself.
  • What did I do for my health this week?
  • for my mind?
  • for my marriage (or romantic relationship)?
  • for my spirituality?
  • for my creative side?
  • for my family and friends?
  • for my finances?
  • What feels out of balance? What can I do to balance things back out?
Lastly, I wanted to mention a great book from Jeffrey Yamaguchi called 52 Creative Projects: Random Acts of Everyday Creativity. In his book he provides 52 creative ideas to brighten your life. I've never worked my way completely through the book, so I thought I'd begin choosing an idea from the book at random and posting it on the sidebar each week. This week's idea will be up until Sunday. I will post a new one on Sunday and will continue posting the projects every Sunday. I'm going to do my best to complete the projects. Join in if you feel inspired any week and let me know what comes of your attempts!

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Megan said...

Minnow - you're such an inspiration! I love how you do these questions every week - and the project per week is a great idea. In a similar vein, I've found it to be really good to incorporate my journal into my daily planner. I've converted a large, unlined moleskin into my planner, and every day I use it for work-related lists, a food diary, and various tasks and information), but I cordon off the bottom half to write what I did for my body, for my mind, and also my daily 'joy' (what made me happiest, today). It's a great reminder, especially while doing lots of job-hunting tasks, to flip back and remind myself of that beautiful afternoon run, or when I chatted with the neighbour in the park. Anyway! You're always an inspiration to me :)