Sunday, April 26, 2009

the wind

Home again after a week away. First Baltimore, DC, then Boston, with a short stopover back in Chicago on Thursday night. It's good to be home again, though another busy week waits in the wings.

I headed to Baltimore on Monday to spend a few days back in the office. It was my first time back since moving last summer and it was so wonderful to see the familiar faces I love most. The trees were in full bloom and the city looked as vibrant and alive as I remember it. Walking back into the office was important. Seeing my great coworkers face to face, and to work in the midst of a buzzing office again was refreshing after the quiet days working from home. I enjoyed some fantastic meals with great company, admired pregnant bellies, toasted glasses of wine over long dinners, and settled back into what I feel might become our second home. Baltimore may not be where we continue our lives, but it will always have my heart, the city where I first stood on my own two feet and entered adulthood.

We headed to Boston on Friday to celebrate the wedding of two of our favorite people, Channing and Brooke. It is such a great joy to celebrate the marriages of friends. The incredible weather set the tone for a perfect weekend. Poor Charlie holed up in the hotel room with his Constitutional Law books while I got out and took advantage of our brief time in the city. On Saturday there were tears, reunions with old friends, many laughs, great food, and much dancing. And a photo booth. I can't wait to see the results.

Now we are back in Chicago, trying to take hold of the week before it gets away from us. My apologies that a new project was not posted last Sunday. It fell off the to-do list, but I'm picking up this week. You will find a new project listed on the right. I will also post some results from Project #41 this week.

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