Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've been

applauding Channing's photos of Elizabeth's wedding.
admiring the vase of peonies on the table.
anticipating movies in the park.
anxious for the little tomatoes on our porch to keep growing.
appreciating the sounds of Charlie in the house as he spends his vacation days doing chores and working as my personal chef.
attempting to take more pictures of the two of us.
awaiting the arrival of the Pitchfork Festival and the great lineup this year.
barely keeping up.
celebrating four years of marriage today with the person that means the most.
challenging Charlie to a few rounds of our favorite summer game, cribbage.
considering the beach and whether the lake has warmed up enough for a swim.
converted into a Stanley's regular. Our wallets thank you, Stanley's.
daydreaming about being a homeowner.
debating what to grill next.
dreaming of the chocolate macaroons I made a few weeks ago.
drinking my new favorite concoction.
eating the best summer sandwich: good baguette bread, crisp, sliced radishes, sliced scallions, a thin spread of goat or cream cheese, salt, pepper.
enjoying iced coffee each morning using the simplest recipe in the world.
feeling the urge to write some letters.
flying through the teenage vampire books at an alarming rate.
hoping the exterminator got rid of the little cockroaches that made an appearance in the bathroom this week.
listening to the Dirty Projectors fantastic new album.
looking for free tennis courts around the city.
loving listening to the Cubs on the radio.
making budgeting a hobby. I have become obsessed with it. This tool has helped keep us on track.
nursing a wicked sunburn on my back.
plucking plump basil leaves off our monster-sized plants and sprinkling them on everything we eat.
remembering the trips I made to the library each week during the summers of my childhood.
savoring the DeVore summer dessert: fresh mango slices topped with a spoonful of quality vanilla ice cream.
scared of the loud boom sound we've heard every Tuesday night
at 10:30pm for the last few weeks. What is it?
surprised by how funny the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon actually is.
tempted to buy a popsicle from the ice cream guy who walks by ringing his bell at precisely 4pm everyday.
thinking about how much I love listening to This American Life while I cook dinner.
trying to wake up earlier each day.
wanting to tune up my bike and go for a ride.
watching my favorite summertime show, So You Think You Can Dance. (Is it wrong that I want to be Kat Deeley?)
waxing nostalgic when I smell sunscreen.
wanting more hours in the day.

wishing I felt more balanced right now.
wondering how the days and weeks could possibly be moving so fast.

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