Saturday, August 15, 2009

summer in the city

1. Wake. Breakfast. Coffee. Read. Serenade. Embrace. Gather things. Clean up and lock up.

2. Take train. Walk to cheap, delicious, Indian stop. Split an $8 plate of curry. Joke. Swoon over mango and cilantro chutneys. Sigh the sigh of satisfied, full bellies.

3. Walk to the fountain. Stop and admire statue.

4. Talk about old timey days when people used to promenade in the park.

5. Take advantage of new museum membership and check out the new modern wing. Go slowly and enjoy each room. Take breaks on benches. Admire Cy Tywombly's work. Leave with the satisfaction of knowing you can return any time during the year for free. That discount membership really was worth it. Walking towards the lake, stop for refreshments at the ice cream truck. Peel back the wrappers and enjoy ice cream sandwiches. Snap off frames on the Holga.

6. Find a spot in the shade. Spread out blanket and remove shoes. Sip water. Admire the trees.

7. Compete in a staring contest. No blinking, though easy to cheat in sunglasses.

8. Read. Rest. Draw. Sit in the quiet.

9. As the sun makes its descent, pack up and head towards home.
It's been a good day.

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