Tuesday, September 8, 2009

in the morning

Dear blog,

I am sorry for my absence, blog. It saddens me to see the sparse postings over the last few months, but alas I have been so tired. Too tired to write, too tired to do much of anything. As evidence above, we've been stealing sleep when we can get our hands on it. Work and school have kept both of us in action day and night for the last weeks and months. The kitchen sits quietly waiting for our return, the bookshelves have been left to gather dust. The laundry has piled and the television has remained quiet. In the evenings we collapse into bed and then get up and do it all over again.

But it hasn't been all bad blog. We saw movies on humid, rainy Sundays. We made introductions with K and A's new cat, Mitchell. We paid off the car. We tightened the budget and ate out less and stayed in more. We attended the Pitchfork Music Festival.
We saw the Cubs play (twice). Both games were unseasonably cold. We celebrated birthdays. We visited the farmer's market and ate a lot of vegetables. Particularly tomatoes. We planted herbs and vegetables on the patio and harvested large handfuls of peppers. We cut our hair and spent time at the beach. We saw movies in the park. We packed picnics and listened to music. We visited the new Modern Wing. We took trips east, I to Baltimore, C to New York City. We saw an old band play again. We made four different batches of homemade ice cream (chocolate, toasted coconut, salted caramel, strawberry). We drew in small journals when we could. We made new neighborhood discoveries. We fell hard for MadMen. We attended our first Chicago block party in Elmwood Park. We made frosty gin and tonics with tonic ice cubes (brilliant!!). We traveled down miles of interstate and quiet country roads to the doors of our families and friends. We spent the night in the town where we first met (more on that later). We caught up with good friends we hadn't seen in a long time. We ate Kansas City barbecue and checked out the amazing Hammerpress studio. We heard incredible swinging music at the historic Drum Room. We hid notes for each other within the pockets and drawers of the house. We drove the winding and lovely roads back to Wisconsin (twice) to see dear friends married. We took photos with the Holga. We discovered we've been admiring the same star in the sky since childhood. We played this album nonstop. We attended a Bears preseason game. We discussed the months ahead. We finished mammoth books.

It was a good summer and I'm sorry I didn't take more time to write about it all. I hope I can write more as fall gets underway.


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