Thursday, October 22, 2009

oh the beauty

I promise I didn't descend from bank robbers.


But amazing photo right?

The photo is dated 1927 and my great grandmother's sisters and brother-in-law pose in front of their car looking cool as ever. So cool they probably could have gotten away with being bank robbers.

Most of you know my obsession with old photographs, especially those that map the lives of my family members. Luckily I have Uncle Bud who also cares deeply about the history of our family. He is constantly sending me thick manila envelopes chock full of amazing photographs. He sent the photo above recently and also included this one:

This is my great grandfather. At first glance I thought he was proudly displaying a freshly killed animal, though at second glance I see that it is the family dog grasping a toy in his jaws. Looking at this I'm amazed at how much Art, a man I never met, resembles his son, my grandfather. It's uncanny.

What impresses me most about these photographs are the sheer number of them. It is incredible how much both Charlie and my families documented their lives. And not just photographs! Recently my grandmother showed me an incredible recipe book that her mother kept. The book contained June's careful, lovely script and included many recipes snipped from newspapers and magazines.

I can't explain how inspiring I find these glimpses into the lives of my relatives. I feel I understand them better and can relate to who they were. I see similarities in my own life and feel even more connected to the past. I want to follow their lead and document our lives so that our future generations can see who we were. I hope they will find their own ways to relate to us and see beauty in the ordinary things we did.


Megan said...

It's so lovely to have you back in the blogosphere. I missed my lovely Minnow posts.

shaelanglois said...

Hey Myndi, this is your mom's cousin Shae out in Washington. I have to laugh about you saying you did not come from bank robbers. You might have. LOL. You know that your Grandma Lewis grew up and lived in the KC area. That is where the Jessie James boys were at. When Aunt Mildred (grandma's sister) dies, Joel and I did some research. There was a Cummins that rode with them, that had the same birthday as one of grandma's brothers. We could never confirm a first name, but I was kinda cool to find that out.