Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Edition: 20 for 20

- If you don't subscribe to already, you should. One recipe with an easy shopping list delivered to your inbox everyday.

- Am I the only one imagining the covers of the future books I will publish? I am such a fan of a well designed cover. If you are too, you need to head over to The Book Cover Archive. Great inspiration.

- Didn't get enough book inspiration above? Check out this interview with the brilliant Issac Tobin, senior designer at the University of Chicago Press. His portfolio is incredible.

- I just finished reading Breakfast at Tiffanys. Even though I've seen the film a million times, I'd never read the book. I loved it. Now I want to watch the film again, if only to see one of my favorite scenes.

- Learn something every day

- Lovely desktop wallpaper designed by Camilla Engman. Click here to get it on your computer.

- While I'm still mourning the loss of Gourmet, Remedy Quarterly looks pretty great.

- I kinda hate the lame, cookie cutter art you can buy in craft and furniture stores. I also hate the idea, "Well we have this big wall. We better buy something just to fill the space." I'm a big believer in finding pieces that inspire you and filling your home with items that express your personal style. If you're not inspired by that Monet Water Lillies poster, I recommend 20x200 or Print Society. Fantastic pieces by working artists all for a reasonable price. I am loving these prints by Mickey Smith.

- Much to the disappointment of Charlie, I am a sucker for Jane Austen. I'm not sure why I am drawn to her work, but I can't deny it. Perhaps because her stories are so far removed from my own life and allow me to travel to another place in time. In any case, someone in the UK was kind enough to upload the BBC's new version of Emma to YouTube. It will be shown stateside on PBS in early 2010, but if you need your Austen fix early, you can watch it here.

- 300,000 birds move at once

- embroidery inspiration here and here

- Jim Lahey's amazing olive bread recipe

- These hardcover Penguin Classics are at the top of my Christmas list this year.

- Nothing beats receiving a hand-written letter. I recommend writing one in the next week.

- Cheap, money-saving winterizing moves worth the hassle

- Incredible minimalist television show posters by Albert Exergian. I especially love Lost, 30 Rock, and Madmen.

- Starting your Christmas shopping? Want to buy handmade? If you're not making it yourself, I encourage you to buy gifts made by others. Etsy is such a great source for gifts, though I get a little overwhelmed when I peruse the site. Poppytalkhandmade to the rescue! They sort out some of the best of the best each week, making it easier to find the coolest gifts to give this holiday. I also recommend Supermarket.

- I've been working through the This American Life archives. You should too.

- Check out the Nabokov challenge. The assignment? To redesign Vladimir Nabokov's book covers, all twenty-one of them. The solution: twenty-one specimen boxes, the kind used by butterfly collectors like Nabokov, each created by a different designer.

- Maurice Sendak and Spike Jonze discuss Where the Wild Things Are

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