Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Edition: Five for Six

- This week Anthropologie launched a new website, the anthropologist. The website is a new "online space for inspiring works and inspiring individuals." Really great stuff. I recommend you check it out.

- The first red lipstick that doesn't make me feel like I'm playing dress up. The color adjusts to your ph level to reach your perfect shade of red. I've also heard great things about Bobbi's red. (Thanks for the recommendation Kristin!)

- I am coveting Marc and Sean's farmhouse. Please let us move in. I promise we won't make a mess. (Photos credited to Tony Cenicola of the NY Times)

- All natural homemade cleaners and
50 ways to never waste food again.

- I'd really like to see An Education. Maybe a Sunday movie outing? It looks beautiful.

Happy weekends!

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