Friday, December 11, 2009

500 Pencils

Sitting at the top of my wish list right now is the 500 colored pencils set from Social Designer. Since first laying eyes on these pencils, I've dreamt of having my own complete set of the incredible pencils. Thinking about receiving a box of 25 pencils each month for 20 months makes my heart beat a little faster. But alas, a subscription costs a pretty penny, more pennies than I have at the moment. So I've been content to dream and use my trusty Prismacolor pencils, the ones that have been with me since high school.

Then I found the next best thing. The ever innovative and creative Lea Redmond has brilliantly come up with an amazing social art project called, "With a Pencil in My Pocket." The project involves 25 people sharing a subscription to "500 Colored Pencils." Each month, for 20 months, Lea will send participants one pencil. Every month, each participant will seek out a manifestation of his or her pencil’s color name – a place, person, thing, creature, activity – that somehow embodies the essence of the color. These experiences will be documented by writing a short story or vignette with that month's pencil in his or her project journal and then posting the entry to the project blog. I was lucky enough to secure a spot on the project. I can't wait to receive my first pencil! I believe the remaining spaces are limited so if you hurry, you might be able to take part too.

If you follow this blog, I will post my results each month and link to the project blog so you can stay connected!

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