Friday, December 18, 2009

What is Christmas with no snow?

I couldn't be more excited for tonight's double feature at the Music Box Theatre. First up It's a Wonderful Life and then White Christmas, two of my favorite holiday movies. In honor of tonight's show, I'm posting one of my favorite scenes from White Christmas. I was obsessed with this movie as a kid and would watch it year round. I was completely in love with the idea of boarding a train to Vermont in the middle of night, and sitting in the club car eating little sandwiches, drinking cocktails, and singing all night. Come to think of it, that still sounds pretty nice.


Kim Sullivan said...

Myndi, This is my very favorite Christmas movie too! I would love to go to Vermont. It would be fun to put on a show!! Dad could sing White Christmas! Can't wait until next week1!! A. Kim

Myndi said...

We will definitely have to watch this over Christmas Kim! I always think of Grandpa singing when I hear Bing Crosby. The similarity in their voice is uncanny! Can't wait to see you!