Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cokes & Tacos

We are back (begrudgingly) from our vacation.

I need to first say that we did not travel to Turks & Caicos (or Cokes & Tacos as we like to call it) to provide you with new images for your computer desktops. And it's hard to really grasp the place by looking at the photos because the images can be mistaken for mundane, run-of-the-mill postcards. But truly the water IS that blue, the sands that lovely, and the sunsets that incredible. No color enhancements on the beach scenes below, I swear.

It was a lovely time to be away and to revisit the place where we spent our honeymoon five years ago. We stayed at the same hotel and were surprised upon our arrival to see they had upgraded us to a suite, a space that was larger than our current apartment.

We spent the first two days mostly in awe staring at this and pinching ourselves:

It's hard to describe how amazing the water is. It is extremely salty which allows you to float along with little to no effort. When we weren't swimming or laying on the beach, we were likely eating or drinking somewhere. Notice my early sunburn and how I so thoughtfully coordinated it with my shirt.

On Sunday we ventured off the beach, rented a car, and spent the day exploring the island. We spent the morning driving around a remote part of the island (where we may or may not have been looking for Jay-Z's estate). We daydreamed about buying our own beach house and carefully navigated the roundabouts as we drove on the left side of the road.

In the afternoon we enjoyed some local food at a little beach joint popular with many tourists willing to seek it out. It was by far our best meal of the week. Conch is the specialty of the island. Most of the conch dishes are fried, but our favorite was the conch salad (fresh conch, peppers, onions, tomatoes, scotch bonnet peppers, and lots of lime juice).

After lunch we sought out a remote snorkeling beach. It took many wrong turns and a long, hot walk down a sandy path, but eventually we found this:

As hoped, the beach was empty and we spent a few hours swimming and snorkeling in the water. My snorkel gear was leaking so I struggled a little while Charlie swam further out. He is a far superior swimmer and expertly navigated the reefs. On his swim out he saw an eel. I only saw some fish.

One afternoon we took a sailboat out and for a second I thought we might be lost at sea. We had an extremely difficult time getting back to shore, but we made it back in one piece. I'm anxious to get our little waterproof disposable camera developed to see the look of fear on both of our faces as we moved further and further from the shore.

In the evenings we watched the sun set, chatted and relaxed on our patio, and played numerous heated games of Scrabble and Cribbage. And drank rum.

On our last day we woke early and walked down to the beach for a final swim. I was so sad and so sorry to say goodbye. We agreed that we will not let another five years pass without a return to our favorite beach.


Megan said...

Holy yum, that food looks delish! Looks like you enjoyed your new camera, too! xoxo

Channing said...

Jesus. If this is how you guys always spend your time we need to hang out more. Beautiful pictures. Sounds like a wonderful time (minus the drifting from shore part.)