Monday, March 8, 2010

For the record...

- I am so ready for spring. So ready. The taste of it this weekend was not enough.

- I have taken less than ten photos since January 1st. This makes me sad. My eyes just haven't been inspired.

- Poor, poor blog. I have been out of habit posting here. I promise it will get better as the weather warms. I have started and restarted and deleted posts in the last few weeks. I swear things will turn around.

- Really enjoyed this article on John Hughes

- Running makes me feel strong. Especially when I run in the morning.

- Good apps. Which do you recommend?

- Have you heard of LaterBro? A cool site that allows you to send Twitter or Facebook status updates later.

- Essie nail polish makes me feel girly and anxious for sandal season. My favorite color of the moment is One of a Kind.

- I am dying for a little time away from icy Chicago. Good thing we're getting away soon!

- Every time I watch the Oscars, I am reminded that I want to see all of the best picture winners of the past 80 years.

- Have you tried cinnamon tea? I highly recommend it! We are hooked on Bengal Spice. A perfect way to wind down your evening.

- Last month I baked a cheese souffle. It was my first experience baking a souffle and I had terrific results. Try your hand at it with this recipe.

- Have you started spring cleaning? I have some good cleaning recommendations. Look for that later this week!

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Kristin said...

I am so looking forward to your cleaning post. I have been felled by a horrible cold and I can't wait to scrub down the house and get rid of all the germs.