Tuesday, March 16, 2010


On Thursday, we leave town for a little getaway and a whole lot of sunshine. As I've begun packing I've been thinking about vacation necessities, my favorite things to toss into my overnight bag no matter where we go. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. A classic swimsuit: I like the vintage throwback variety. A black classic one piece never goes out of style.
2. Sunglasses: As I mentioned in an earlier post, I finally invested in a quality pair. What I've realized about sunglasses that cost more than $10? They are dark enough to actually protect your eyes from the sun. Brilliant concept.
3. A mid-size tote: A tote that folds up and fits into your bag is a necessity. You never know what you might need to haul home.
4. A hat: Every time we go to the beach I inevitably get a sunburn on the top of my head. Not this time!
5. Swedish Fish: Best candy ever. Also key to fighting off potential hangry moods (hungry + tired + traveling = hangry)
6. One standout piece of jewelry: When it comes to accessories, I fall on the less is more side. One statement piece that goes with everything is a must though. One simple accessory can tie everything together.
7. Vintage silk scarf: Luckily my Nana saved some lovely ones for me. If you didn't have a Nana with a million silk scarves, I recommend picking one up at a vintage shop. Great for pulling back your hair or paired with a jacket en route to your destination.
8. A small notebook: Very important for keeping track of the little details on the trip. I love Postalco notebooks as well as Rhodia and Moleskine notebooks.
9. A pen: For obvious reasons. Be sure to take one that won't leak on the plane.
10. Nail polish: When heading off on a trip, I like to take a pale, pretty shade that goes with everything. Essie nail polish is hands down my favorite. Did you know Target now carries it?
11. Sunscreen: Everyone has a favorite. Nothing beats Kiehl's!
12. Lip gloss: Choose a pale shade that goes with everything. In my opinion, Bobbi Brown is the queen of lip gloss.
13. Perfume: This is a great tip handed down from my friend Kate's mom. On each vacation I like to pick up a scent
in a small travel size option that is different from my everyday scent. Choosing a special scent and using it exclusively on a vacation will always tie that scent to the trip. Smell memory is the best.
14. A hefty book: Most people I know prefer a lighter "beach" read for trips. This makes perfect sense, but for some reason I gravitate toward the classic books. Something about reading a hefty classic on the beach makes it much more manageable.
15. A small clutch: Choose something you can throw in your carry on and use as your purse for evenings out. Go for something in a bold or metallic color.
16. A double duty shirt: No suitcase would be complete without the shirt that can be dressed up or down. I am a little obsessed with stripes and since they are having a moment right now, you can find a striped shirt like the one above just about anywhere.
17. Sandals: It's important to have a pair that you can dress up or down. I just picked up the pair pictured above and I think they will be perfect for bumming around during the day and heading to dinner at night.
18. Chocolate: This is a must. A chocolate biscuit is perfect for munching on in that down time between the afternoon and the evening. Be sure to save two biscuits in case you experience a hangry attack on the way to the airport. My favorite? LU Le Petit Ecolier Extra-Dark chocolate biscuits. You can find them just about anywhere and they fit perfectly into a carry on.
19. Travel-Size Candle: This is an easy way to cozy up your hotel room. My favorite candles are the soy candles by Kobo. They make the perfect travel candle, complete with matches all in a darling little box.

What are your vacation must haves?


Amy said...

Great list! Before I get on an airplane I always brew a cup of chamomille tea, let it cool and then put it in a little travel size mist/spray bottle. My skin tends to go crazy in the recycled airplane air so I spritz it on my face as a toner every hour or so to keep my face hydrated and refreshed!

Rachel said...

Swedish Fish are also a must have for trips for me as well! It's one of the only times I eat them and the process of buying them and opening the package gets me excited and in the mood for the trip.
I also love the perfume idea - I will be doing this on trips going forwards.
I also like to pick up a magazine that I don't normally buy when I'm at the airport. I find it keeps me distracted at the airport and it inevitably leads to an interesting conversation.