Tuesday, May 18, 2010


After returning from visiting our friends Becca and Matthew last weekend and sorting through my photos, I realized I did not take a single picture of them. I did however take an embarrassing number of photos of their little guy Nate. I can't say the visit helped the baby fever that tends to hang around our apartment, but the visit was a great one and involved a lot of what we do best, eating. Beyond Becca's fantastically prepared meals, we had the chance to tour a pretzel factory and a chocolate shop. And if that wasn't enough, we conducted a highly scientific taste test of three local pizzerias (I assure you the anemic slice below was not the winner).

This was our first visit to see friends who have officially reached grownup status via two routes: purchasing a home and raising a beautiful little boy. I am happy to report they are still as fun as they ever were and showed us a wonderful time around their town. Thanks again guys!


Liza said...

Beautiful photos:) I am a little upset, however, that "Myndi Devore" is not written in big, obnoxious puffy letters on the pretzel certificate. ...:)

Myndi said...

Thanks Liza. I wish I could have spelled my name in pretzel dough and then eaten it. That would have been the best.