Monday, June 7, 2010

Old Friend

Dear Baltimore,

It was lovely to see you again. There is something so comforting about seeing you and realizing that nothing much has changed. Your summer heat is still exceedingly oppressive, the Harbor still crowded, the neighborhoods all very much alive with their own energies. Brewer's Art is still the best bar in town and Goldberg's still boasts the best bagel. I am still terrible at duck pin bowling and need more practice. Thank you for the generous amounts of Yuengling and National Bohemian we drank. We still can't believe that we cannot get either of these in the Midwest (crazier still when you realize the Boh is actually brewed in Milwaukee). Thank you for cheap street parking (1 hour for a quarter?!) and very little traffic as we navigated from here to there. I am amazed I still know all of your streets so well.

Thank you for giving our friends such a great city to call home and always providing us with wonderful hosts when we return. We have amazing friends with warm and lovely homes. We are so lucky that they are able to make time for us when we get back. Treat them right okay? No more freak snowstorms or hurricanes.

Thank you Hampden for allowing us to feel right at home again, despite our two-year absence. You are still so much the same, I half expected to walk into our old house and to see all of our things in their rightful places.

I'll see you again in July. Until then, thanks again for allowing us to show you off to our Chicago friends and reminding us how happy we are we had the brief chance to call Charm City home.


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