Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23

His namesake is Charles Journeycake, the last Chief of the Delaware Indians. Journeycake was his great great great grandfather. We went in search of the window bearing his image and found Nannie along the way.


Channing said...

Where was this? And is Nannie apart of family past, or did you guys know her personally? And I can see some resemblance in between Charlie and Charles Journeycake. Not so much in the hair, but in the eyes a little. Very cool!

Myndi said...

This was taken in Dewey, Oklahoma. Nannie would be Charlie's great great great aunt. Since we've been back in Coffeyville, Kansas this week, we've spent some time digging a little deeper into the family history. We knew a little about Journeycake, but we found out much more on this visit. We found an illustration of a window in a church bearing his portrait. We decided to seek the window out and ended up finding it in a history museum in a neighboring town. We found Nannie in a nearby church. It was a pretty remarkable day.