Saturday, April 16, 2011

eenie meenie miney moe

This morning we rose early and headed downtown to check out the newly opened doughnut shop, The Doughnut Vault. Ooh wee, sweet success! Word of rapid sellouts got us there when they opened and we lined up with the 20 or so other early risers ready for doughnuts and coffee. I'm happy to say that despite waiting in the rain, the doughnuts did not disappoint.

We decided to try one of each. Gingerbread, chocolate, chestnut, pistachio, vanilla, and old-fashioned. My favorites were the gingerbread and chocolate. Still warm, we enjoyed bites of each doughnut on a quiet stoop before taking a long stroll around the city.

I highly recommend stopping in!

The Doughnut Vault
401 1/2 N Franklin
Chicago, Illinois 60654

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