Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Graduation

May, where did you go?

I blinked and you were gone. Last time I looked it was April, the snow was melting and we were daydreaming of summer. And then it was 90 degrees yesterday and we sweat it out around the city wondering where spring was and how we missed it.

It has been an extraordinary month for many reasons. Most notably, Charlie graduated from law school.

Years of hard work and sacrifice culminated in an incredible weekend in the city celebrating with our families and friends. People traveled for miles to join us in an unforgettable weekend of toasting, eating, and celebrating Charlie.

We celebrated with a massive barbecue that no rain or wind could hinder. We put away dozens of cupcakes and brats, finished off a large keg, and enjoyed an unforgettable bourbon tasting.

The barbecue finished as most DeVore barbecues do, with a gang of friends, some massive balloons, and a large dance party.

The weekend made me eternally grateful for all of the wonderful people in our lives. To all of our family and friends wherever you may be, I count myself lucky for you everyday. You are a part of us and remind us to never take a moment for granted. I cherish our time together and I am so excited for the summer and all of the adventures the months ahead will bring.

*My apologies for the less than stellar quality of these photos. I was less concerned with getting a good shot and more concerned with the celebrating!

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Channing said...

What a weekend! Congratulations, Charlie!!