Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tangerine Sky

While cooking dinner a few nights ago, we gazed out the window and wondered if the rapture had arrived slightly delayed in the form of a hazy and surreal orange sky. There was an eerie moment of stillness and then the clouds opened up to massive amounts of rain and hail. Luckily the storm passed quickly and we were not swallowed up into the ground.

I am still shocked by the images coming out of Joplin, Missouri. What a horrific and unimaginable tragedy. Sending prayers and strength to the families continuing to dig out, putting their lives back together.

June seems to be a month of wonderful possibility. Summer has arrived. There are concerts to attend, picnics to enjoy, boat rides and canoeing to fill lazy days, cocktails to drink, runs to sweat out on the lakefront, books to read in the backyard, and dinners to grill. Speaking of dinners, I've added a handy feature to the blog that may prove useful to many of you. If you look to the right, at the top of the sidebar, you will see a link to a recipe index. By clicking the recipe index, you will be led to a handy page with all of the recipes from the blog in one place. As I post recipes, this page will be updated, so keep it bookmarked for an easy way to locate your favorite, go-to recipes.

Wishing you a bright, sunny, hold-nothing-back June!


Brooke said...

Beautiful photo. I can't wait to go through the recipe index. Miss you guys! xoxo

Channing said...

This picture is amazing!

Myndi said...

We miss you guys too! Why can't Boston and Chicago be closer?? xo, m