Tuesday, June 21, 2011

this summer

1. take walks at dusk.

2. make ice cream.

3. celebrate six years of marriage.

5. watch our garden grow.

6. visit family.

7. play board games.

8. attend pitchfork.

9. make some jam.

10. watch fireworks.

11. see a movie in the park.

12. celebrate post-bar exam.

13. go swimming.

14. declutter and organize.

15. go one week without spending any money.

16. try some new recipes on the grill.

17. r&r at the cabin.

18. take advantage of free concerts in Millennium Park.

19. run along the lakefront.

20. take a road trip.

21. make friendship bracelets.

22. celebrate birthdays and weddings.

23. take a photo everyday in July.

24. pick strawberries.

25. draw with sidewalk chalk.

26. drink a milkshake.

27. send a friend a surprise package.

28. build a sandcastle.

29. make a new summer mix.

30. listen to records.

31. create a new summer sipping drink.

32. buy a popsicle from the ice cream truck.

33. make sun prints.

34. write a new story.

35. read a classic.

36. host a watermelon eating contest.

37. water balloon fight.

38. sit around a bonfire.

39. go on picnics.

40. peruse antique stores.

41. attend a baseball game.

42. make pesto.

43. donate some books.

44. shop in Chinatown.

45. pick wildflowers.

What's on your list?

1 comment:

boombasticat said...

You got some impressive lists, friend. Also, I feel you re: berries. They seem to be the crowning achievement of spring/summer, huh? As if all that sunshine, all that rain leads to this: these jewels of blue, red, burgandy.