Friday, June 24, 2011

tomorrow it will be six years

Dear Charlie,

Tomorrow is our six year anniversary. Can you believe we've known each other for almost ten years?

Thank you for these years. They have been the best in my life.

Thank you for making me laugh and our million and two bizarre jokes that only we find funny.

Thank you for your spontaneity, for being laid back, for your easy smile.

Thank you for letting me curl my feet under your legs when I'm cold.

And doing the chores I loathe.

Thank you for going to the grocery store when I've forgotten things.

Thank you for the fiction class that brought us together.

Thank you for grabbing my hand when we cross the street.

Thank you for making me feel beautiful and like there will never be enough hours in the day or years together.

Thank you for making the best coffee and poached eggs I've ever tasted.

Thank you for afternoons spent record or book shopping. They are my favorites.

Thank you for working so hard and caring so much for your community. You inspire me to do more and to be better.

Thank you for always doing the driving and never complaining when I sing Steely Dan.

Thank you for writing me perfect letters. You've always been able to say things best.

Thank you for always making a bad day good and finding new ways to make me laugh.

And for your crooked toes.

Thank you for knowing how to play early 90's hits on the guitar.

Thank you for movie nights when we open a bottle of wine and watch a double feature.

Thank you for allowing me to be 100% wholly myself.

Thank you for weekend mornings and long breakfasts. Even if you steal the crossword puzzle.

Thank you for your green thumb.

Thank you for your love of zip ties and quick fixes.

Thank you for our trips and travel adventures. I can't wait for the next one.

Thank you for saving mementos from our past.

Thank you for birthday surprises.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and the way you care for every person in our family.

Thank you for writing stories. They are the greatest and someday you'll be famous.

Thank you for playing tennis with me and allowing me to win a few games.

Thank you for Saturday rounds of Scrabble and cribbage.

Thank you for loving to read.

Thank you for letting me yell and shout while watching sports.

Thank you for going to Mizzou so we could share so many wonderful college memories.

Thank you for your focus and determination to finish what you start.

Thank you in advance for the father you will be. You are going to be amazing. I am so happy that we get to create a family of our own together.

Thank you for grilling dinners in the summer.

Thank you for inspiring me and keeping me motivated to run the marathon.

Thank you for finishing it with me.

Thank you for Baltimore. For nights at the Brewer's Art, LP Steamers, for Thornbury, and Hampden.

Thank you for the gray hairs you are sporting and reminding me that we get to grow old together.

Thank you for your family.

Thank you for the notes you hide for me around the house.

Thank you for still making my heart skip a beat when I see you in a crowd.

Thank you for shuttling me here and there when the bus is slow.

Thank you for quiet Saturdays when it is just you and me.

Thank you for dinners around the city when we lose track of time and talk until the place clears out.

Thank you for camping trips in rural Missouri.

Thank you for letting cereal or scrambled eggs stand in for dinner when I don't feel like cooking.

Thank you for your dancing skills, especially your Harlem Shake.

Thank you for picking me up from the airport when I return from a trip.

Thank you for introducing me to Braum's chocolate malts.

Thank you for trusting my sense of direction.

Thank you for our first concert (Wilco) and the dozens of shows we've seen since.

Thank you for singing Sister Christian with wild abandon.

Thank you for epic trips to New York City.

Thank you for turning me on to biscuits and gravy and bourbon, although never enjoyed together.

Thank your for being from a small town.

Thank you for being so ticklish and your deep belly laughs.

Thank you for esta perpetua.

Thank you for always keeping an open mind.

Thank you for checking on the house when there are strange noises in the night.

Thank you for taking on challenges.

Thank you for knowing all of the words to Joe Tex - I Gotcha and singing it and dancing around the house.

Thank you for your on demand Shrek impressions.

Thank you for our New Year's Day tradition of recorded interviews.

Thank you for hilarious hours spent people watching in the airport.

Thank you for occasionally laughing in your sleep, even if it kind of creeps me out.

Thank you for being my partner and equal in marriage. We make decisions together and trust each other. I will never take that for granted.

Thank you for always saving me a seat.

Thank you for your kisses.

Thank you for helping me find missing things.

Thank you for always listening and knowing just what I need to hear.

Thank you for afternoons at the art museum.

Thank you for working a second job so you could come to London when I studied abroad. Thank you for Waheb, hummus lunches, tall cans of Boddington's, the 40 quid won at Brighton Pier, the Liverpool homeless shelter, the paper boats of chips and curry.

Thank you for greeting me with a hug when you return home.

Thank you for punchy. Thank you for bubala.

Thank you for being 100% wholly yourself.

Thank you for being by my side. Always, always, always.

I can't wait for to see what the next six (and seventy) years bring.


Ps. Six songs for six years.


C.C. said...

that was truly a beautiful note. Congrats to you both.

sarah said...

that's lovely :). happy anniversary to you and charlie.