Tuesday, January 10, 2012

this winter

1. unplug.

bake bread.

3. embroider something new.

4. buy less, make more.

5. drink one cup of tea each evening.

6. sharpen the knives.

7. read a classic.

8. visit the light years exhibit.

9. cook a new fresh pasta recipe.

10. make something for the baby.

11. take one photo everyday in January.

12. make a snow angel.

13. write letters.

14. braise short ribs.

15. write for one hour each day.

16. make a new playlist.

17. draw or paint something new.

18. cuddle the baby.

19. watch five (new to me) classic movies.

take a long walk in the cold.

What's on your list?

image via oh, pioneer

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