Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Rest

Little D,

It is winter. Cold here, though we can't complain too much as it has been a pretty mild winter thus far. The holidays are over. The gifts have been given, received, the tree and decorations put away. The year turned over and it is now 2012.

Christmas was good, though surreal knowing it was the last one we would spend just the two of us. In just a matter of weeks you will be here! I can't believe it! I think back on this pregnancy and wonder where the time went. It has gone so fast.

Last I wrote you it was October and we were celebrating your dad's birthday. Since then we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas (that photo above is of your dad opening some new records), and New Year's. We finished up our birthing class. We attended two wonderful showers hosted by family and friends. Your dad was sworn into the Illinois Bar. We traveled south to spend time with our family. My work schedule ramped up and kept my days and nights very busy. Your dad settled into routine with his job. It was a busy few months for us!

Now it is January and things are quieting down. I stopped working full-time at the end of December and will now have the chance to be home with you when you arrive. We rang in the new year quietly at home, over a large feast. We cooked all day together and danced around the kitchen to Al Green while everything simmered away (your dad loves, loves Al Green). We talked about your upcoming arrival and welled up with tears because since you began growing in my belly, we've become big saps and can cry on command (If you don't believe me, you should have seen me a couple weeks ago, crying away in the car. I was driving around town thinking about you when Etta James' "My Dearest Darling" came on the iPod. I started imagining your life, you growing up, and turned into a blubbering mess).

We are in final preparations for your arrival. Over the weekend we installed your car seat, finished washing all of your little things, read a few baby books still on the shelf. I am feeling a little anxious for your arrival, mostly the not knowing when it will happen. I'm assuming you'll arrive after your due date since everyone has told me not to put any stock in the due date. We will just have to wait and see. We are keeping our fingers crossed that any potential Chicago blizzard holds off until you are safely at home, tucked into our cozy apartment with us.

As you can imagine, you are the constant topic around here. We even cooked for you when we made breakfast a few months back.

Everyone is anxious to meet you, wonders what your name will be, who you will resemble. I wonder about these things too, but more than anything, I hope you are healthy and come into this world safely. My belly has grown large and you shift, hiccup, and kick to tell me you're okay. I imagine it's beginning to get quite crowded in there. It certainly feels that way to me!

We can't wait to meet you my little darling. What a wonderful year 2012 will be because of you.


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