Monday, May 14, 2012

First Mother's Day

I enjoyed a really wonderful Mother's Day weekend, complete with lovely flowers and a box of doughnuts from our favorite Doughnut Vault. Yesterday morning, after stealing some extra cuddles with Em and reading a sweet letter from Charlie, I headed out on a run. The weather was absolutely perfect. After Charlie returned from his run, Em slept while Charlie cooked us brunch. Once she woke up, we packed up and headed down to the lakefront for an afternoon spent strolling the path and soaking up the weather. We wandered through Lincoln Park and eventually made our way back home. Mother's Day wouldn't be complete without ice cream (a Meyer family tradition), so we enjoyed bowls of our favorite ice cream and watched Mad Men before heading to bed. It was a perfect and wonderful weekend.

Four months ago, my life was forever changed with Emerson's birth. Everyday I look at her and thank my stars for the blessings in my life. Being her mother is a privilege and no matter what else I accomplish in my life, I have her. Before she arrived, I always felt fulfilled. I didn't feel like anything was missing. But now that she is here, I see that my life was incomplete. My outlook and heart have expanded in ways I never thought possible. What a wonderful gift she has given me.

A friend recently told me not to think too much about the past or the future. To focus on the now. Em will continue to do remarkable things and she will always leave us in awe. It never stops. I am very lucky indeed.

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Kelly said...

A lovely post by a lovely mother. Glad you had a wonderful day. These pictures are so lovely. xo