Thursday, May 3, 2012

Soap for a Rainy Day

In our continued efforts to buy less and make more ourselves, I found myself intrigued with the idea of making soap. We are big fans of the Mrs. Meyer's line of cleaning products in our house, particularly the all-purpose cleaner, countertop spray, dish soap, and hand soap. So when I recently stumbled across directions on Pinterest for making hand soap from a bar of Mrs. Meyer's soap, I had to give it a go. The steps involved grating a bar of soap and combining in a large pot with a gallon of water and a bit of glycerine. Sounded easy enough, so one afternoon I gave it a try. I was very pleased with the results! One bar of soap created one gallon of hand soap. So for $5, you get the equivalent of 10 bottles of Mrs. Meyer's hand soap, a savings of $35. The consistency is a little reminiscent of snot, but the soap works fantastically well and I recommend you give it a try. This would be a great rainy day project to complete with kids. Have fun! 

DIY Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap

What you need: 
Cheese grater
Clean, empty gallon milk jug 
Large pot
Liquid vegetable glycerine (found at some drugstores, I bought mine on Amazon)
1 bar of Mrs. Meyer's All Purpose Soap Bar 

1. Grate your bar of soap and dump the shavings in your pot. 
2. Fill your milk jug with one gallon of water and pour in the pot. 
3. Add two tablespoons of liquid glycerine. Stir and heat over medium heat. 
4. Continue stirring until all of the soap shavings dissolve. 
5. Once the shavings are dissolved, remove from the heat and let sit for 12-14 hours. The soap will begin to cloud after 3-4 hours. 
6. After your soap has set, using a spoon (or your hands), break apart the soap.* You may want to use a hand mixer to blend it up. 
7. Set your funnel in your gallon container and pour the soap in. Then use the funnel to refill the soap dispensers around your house.

*This would be the perfect task for kids! The soap is slimy and gooey and fun to break apart and blend.

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Kristin said...

We've been using this formula since December, and it's really grown on me. I used a bar of Yardley's for my base, and I have some huge bars from TJ Maxx in reserve. Your comparison to snot is generous - it reminds me of semen. :P But it sure does get you clean!