Thursday, July 19, 2012


Unlucky for this little blog, I have nearly abandoned this space all summer long. There have just been too many other things to occupy my mind and day. I'm hoping I can change that trend in the coming months and get back to regular posting. I have lots to share, a whole list of things I've wanted to write but haven't. 

I hope your summer has been wonderful thus far. We are readying for little summer trip, heading off to see our families and catch up with familiar places and faces. Photos to come. 

Be well, 

Recently I have...
written letters. 
listened to lots of George Harrison
read a couple books. 
drank a few bottles of rosé and a slew of cocktails (more on that to come). 
grilled lots of food (more on that soon too). 
celebrated the wedding of good friends. 
swapped out the microwave for our fancy toaster oven. 
sang more nursery rhymes and children's songs than I care to share (if you have little ones, I highly recommend Laura Veirs' "Tumble Bee").
turned 30 and didn't feel the impending doom I thought I might feel. 
received wonderful birthday cards and messages from friends near and far.
eaten a tremendous meal at Next
walked many miles while wearing Emerson. 
eaten ice cream (Homer's is our favorite). 
taken lots of photos on Instagram
discovered Songza and can't stop listening. 
almost completely given up television and feel free. 
run some miles. 
fallen in love with my new Garmin watch.
eaten lots of avocado + sea salt on toast.
watched some movies. 
read a few great articles.

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Meg said...

Heya - on the nursing rhyme note, thought you might like Renee & Jeremy, too! I've got their 'A Little Love' album and it's so cute. Also, Elizabeth Mitchell (a la my favourite favourite Ida!) has a cute childrens album called Sunny Day. Can't wait to hear more about your trip! x