Thursday, July 19, 2012


Dear Emerson,

Hello my lovely girl. I am in shock and disbelief that you are six months old. It is completely unbelievable. Friends warned me that once you hit the two month mark, time would begin moving in double speed and that I better hold tight and treasure every passing moment. I am certainly trying my best, but my oh my are you changing before our eyes.

I will always remember you as the happiest of little girls. You are rarely without a smile on your face and boldly share that irresistible grin with anyone you meet. You have amassed a slew of nicknames. Most consistently you are Zuzu*, Em, or Emer. In the morning your dad or I come to your room to find you kicking your legs and arms in excitement to start the day. Just this week you began wrapping yourself tightly around our necks to deliver hugs and then slobbery, wonderful kisses on our cheeks. We carry you back to our room for morning cuddles. I nurse you and your dad and I snooze or talk about the day ahead. He is currently training for the Chicago Triathlon in August, so he usually heads out so he can fit in a workout before it gets too hot. Did I mention that it is unbelievably hot here? So hot. So humid. On really hot days, we limit our time outside, but I try to get you out for a walk at least once a day. It makes me long a bit for fall when temperatures are cooler and we can spend more time outside.

After I feed you, we walk around the house and open the shades and greet the sun. We water the plants and turn on NPR. Your dad returns from his workout and makes the coffee. You play in your bouncy seat while I prepare your breakfast. Amazingly, you are now eating fruits and vegetables. You were more ready for it than I could have predicted. It has been so much fun making food for you and seeing you try things for the first time. Your favorites thus far are sweet potatoes and mangoes. I thought you loved avocado. Then I gave you sweet potatoes and realized you tolerate avocado but you LOVE sweet potatoes. You pound the table if the spoon isn't moving fast enough and today I think you would have kept eating mango until you were sick.

After your dad leaves for work, we play before you go down for your morning nap. You are now sitting on your own (mostly, we still stay close to support you) and have taken a real interest in a few of your toys. One morning a week we go to a little parent/infant class that you really enjoy. You get sleepy after you've been up for a couple hours, so I get you ready for your nap and read you a book before putting you down. You now nap consistently for 1.5-2 hours instead of your famous 45-minute nap that you kept going for months. After you wake up, we usually go to the gym. You seem to really enjoy the playroom and girls who take care of you at the gym. You've never cried when I've left you, something I really worried about when I began taking you. The first time I left you in there I had the most difficult time and ran the quickest three miles possible so I could get back to you.

Once we return home, you nap while I make a mad dash around the house trying to pick up, catch up on email, cross off items on the to-do list, consider dinner, throw in laundry, and maybe grab a shower. When you wake up in the afternoon and are fed, the remainder of the day stretches out in front of us. We walk to the library, the neighborhood grocery store, and park. We meet friends around the city for play dates and coffee or stop by the farmer's market. You splash in your kiddie pool. Sometimes we walk to the dreaded post office or go grocery shopping. I imagine our days will change some when I begin taking freelance work, but I so enjoy our days together. Now that I see how fast it goes, it makes me all the more grateful that I get to be home with you.

In the early evening I feed you some vegetables, a little fruit and then we play until your dad gets home. Sometimes if I'm really organized I'll get a jump on dinner while you play and babble to your toys. Once your dad gets home he whisks you off until bedtime. I nurse you, then you get a bath, and then we read to you. We usually take turns reading. I like the nights when your dad reads because he always chooses something good. We cuddle you and kiss you goodnight before laying you down. You usually spend the first 15-20 minutes in your crib rotating around and humming to yourself before going to sleep.

After you go to sleep we pour a drink, finish cooking dinner, and then sit outside and eat. I really look forward to this time with your dad. Once we know you are sleeping soundly, it's a moment for us to relax together and catch up. We recently got rid of our cable and since canceling, we've hardly turned the tv on. Instead we spend time outside, listen to music, read, or watch a movie. It's a luxury I couldn't imagine enjoying when you were a month old.

Emerson, I still look at you in disbelief. Sometimes I can't believe that you are actually here. I think of last summer when I was early in my pregnancy and I spent so much time wondering about you. I think of long walks your dad and I took and the conversations we shared, anxious and giddy with the thoughts of our growing family. I think of fall and winter, being pregnant and feeling you move. I think of January, your fast arrival, the blur of February and March, wonderful April, May, June. And now you are six months old. Surreal.

You are amazing my little lovely girl. We are so smitten and so in awe of you. My heart feels so full and I can't put into words the impact you have already had on me. I feel I am a kinder, better person because of you. I am more patient. I feel more compassionate towards others. I want to be strong for you, teach you as best I can while also giving you room to make your own discoveries. These are the best days.

Love you,

*Someday we will watch this movie and I imagine you will love it as much as your dad and
I do.



kelly said...

Such a lovely post to your baby girl. She is lucky to have such remarkable parents. cheers to the 6-month mark!

Myndi said...

Thanks Kelly!