Monday, January 21, 2013

Emerson Turns One

On Saturday we celebrated Emerson's first birthday. I am still in shock that she is now one. My heart was in my throat all day as we remembered her birth story and I watched her play and move about the house. We began the morning early around the table. I made her favorite pancakes. We lit the birthday ring and sang happy birthday. 

Later in the day, our family and close friends joined us in celebrating. It was the perfect day. The kids ran around and played in Emer's new teepee. We ate and drank and watched Emerson hack at her cake with a spoon. 

And after everyone left we sat together and reflected on what a great day it had been. We are lucky to have some incredible people in our lives. I wonder everyday what I did to deserve such blessings. Thank you to everyone for making her day so special.

As I've learned thus far, it's best not to get too caught up in what has already passed or what lays ahead. We are enjoying this moment and our growing girl who is changing before our eyes. I predict a wonderful year ahead of us.

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