Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Around the Corner

- March has always been a sparse month of blog posts for me. Without fail, that polish and fresh feeling that January brings, inevitably begins to feel a little stale come March when the damp air creeps in and prevents spring from taking hold. In the final weeks of each season, I find myself in a bit of a funk. I am anxious for a change in the weather, anxious for a clean-slate start, and find myself feeling in a rut. Perhaps it was made worse this year by the slew of late winter snow storms and the impending move. Regardless, I was happy to see April's sunny face yesterday and to look ahead to warmer temperatures. 

- We are preparing for our move. This week we begin packing our things away. Our plan is to tackle a little bit each week, taking our time to pack things with care and try our hardest to stay as organized as possible to make unpacking a bit easier.

- This apartment has been so good to us. I have loved living here and it has been home for nearly five years. But because we know what we are gaining with the new house, I am so frustrated by the things I don't like about this place. The bathtub that will never look clean no matter how much I scrub it. The bathroom that stays deathly frigid in the winter. The awful city rats that scurry through the alleys and sometimes make an appearance in the backyard. The garage we share with our neighbor who likes to park very close to our car, making it impossible to unload Emerson, groceries, and the 300 things I carry everyday. The annoyances that have grated on me over the years have reached a fever pitch in the last few weeks. And now with the boxes piling up in corners, we have turned into hoarders and I find myself tripping and falling into our things everyday. Packing and organizing will be a welcome change, though I have no idea where the boxes are going to go.

- Emerson is officially walking! Our cautious girl took her time to get going, but she is definitely on the move now. She began taking a few tenuous steps around her birthday, but never without our hands nearby. Last week she began walking on her own like she's been doing it for years. When she's in a real hurry, she goes back to crawling, but we officially have a walker in our midst! It has been wonderful to see the world opening up before her, a new found freedom taking over. 

- I have been cooking up a storm over the past month. I've been challenging myself to work through our pantry, making the most of every item and requiring us to move fewer kitchen things. I have collected an impressive array of grains and beans from the bulk bins over the past year, so it's been fun pulling items off the shelf and finding new ways to put them to use. We have been eating lots of greens and fresh salads. Lots of coconut and lentils. The first asparagus of the season is making its appearance in the markets. Greens are overflowing out of the co-op bins and I can't help but think of all of the wonderful summer vegetables headed our way in the coming months. I am also anxious for grilling season to get underway.

- We have been battling a serious case of cabin fever and the travel bug here. We've been daydreaming about a little family vacation, but with our recent house purchase, this will likely need to be put on hold for a little while. Still, it couldn't hurt to get Emerson's passport ready just in case the opportunity presents itself, right? 

- I feel bad for my lack of posting portraits of Emerson. While I have taken some, I haven't been able to keep up with each week as I had hoped, but there is still time.

- Have you seen any good movies lately? We've been on a documentary kick here. Recently watched: The Woodmans, First Position, The Queen of Versailles. 

- We recently purchased Emerson a Learning Tower. She has always been a wonderful little helper in the kitchen, but this new piece of furniture has taken it to a new level. She now works by my side in the kitchen, sometimes washing vegetables, mostly playing in the water. She is so content to be at my level and helping, it has been a lifesaver with getting things done in the kitchen. We found ours used on Craigslist and I highly recommend keeping your eye out for a used one. 

- We had a really nice Easter with family. Emerson enjoyed her first egg hunt and sorting through her first Easter basket. My aunt and uncle own a chocolate business, so there was more chocolate consumed than I'd care to admit. I think we're taking a self-imposed break from sugar this month to recover from the damage we did over the weekend!

I hope this finds you happy, healthy, and well! Cheers to spring and warmer days ahead!



Unknown said...

I'm really thinking of that leaning tower.. such an amazing idea. We spend 80% of our time in the kitchen, either cooking, baking, cleaning it, stocking it or just hanging out- he'd love to be more of a part of everything going on. Thanks for the idea!

kelly said...

Happy spring to you! love this little update of yours. good luck on the packing and kudos to Emerson on the walking! wow. i'm sure you'll really enjoy the space in your new home now! xo