Friday, June 14, 2013

Little E, Big E

Dear Emerson, 

I am writing you from the porch, just off of our kitchen. Our kitchen in the house that we own. Own! Can you believe it? Home ownership still gives me a little thrill and I wonder how long that will last. Many of our peers have owned condos or homes for a long time. And I'm sure there will be other houses in our future. But this house? Just now? It is such a perfect place for our family. Shortly after moving in, one night after we'd put you to bed and finished dinner, we opened a bottle of wine. "Let's go sit in each room of this house and admire it," I suggested to your dad. So we took our wine and spent the rest of the night sitting in each room saying, "But this room. Look at THIS! Did you see THIS?"

I am still in shock that we live here or that we will experience so many of your firsts in this house. Your first bicycle, day of school, sleepover, cartwheel in the grass. I walk through the dining room and can't help but imagine long holiday suppers that stretch on for hours or sitting near the fireplace on a cold evening this fall. I look at the front windows and can see December, our Christmas tree twinkling and a great record on the turntable. I sit on the front stoop with you and think of how many times you will run up and down those stairs as you grow. It is so much that I can't help but feel sentimental and a little lump in my throat. 

In many ways this time feels reminiscent of the months just after your dad and I were married. We sat in our first apartment and looked around in wonder, eating dinner off of our very grown up dishes, and we couldn't help but feel that we were on the cusp of a new chapter, something very big. That chapter eventually closed and others opened. This is a big chapter opening in front of us, one I couldn't have imagined a year ago. 

The rhythm of our days is still changing as we are settling in to this new space (there are still many boxes to unpack), but the days have taken shape and I can see new routines emerging. In the morning your dad and I get up first. Recently you have been sleeping late (like 13+ hours of sleep a night!), so we often get up and make the coffee and breakfast while you sleep. Usually you are up before your dad leaves and most days we sit down to breakfast together. Shortly after we moved you took an interest in using your potty, so our days include lots of time sitting in the bathroom. I read to you while you use the potty and then we spend lots of time washing our hands. Sometimes I think using the potty might just be an excuse for listening to stories or playing in the bathroom sink. 

You have stayed tied to two naps a day so we usually spend the morning playing in your room. You are very into drawing right now so you spend lots of time coloring with chalk or crayons. I hope this love of art continues because it is one of my favorite things to do with you. 

While you love this new house and the vast space you have to run around, you love to be outside. All day long you walk over to the door, point, and say, "Side! Side!" We spend lots of time outside. We water the plants and flowers. You study the ants and watch the birds. You run down the sidewalk and point to airplanes. We walk everywhere. On go our sandals, I load you into the stroller, and we are off. The library, post office, grocery store, the pool, and parks. After you have dinner we head to the train to meet your dad. We walk home together and you don't take your eyes off of him for a second. 

Walking around, I think only of how lucky we are to live here, that you will get to grow up in this community. At night the air is filled with the sounds of kids playing, the birds, a lawn mower or two. Almost every garden on this block includes a cat prowling around and each person we pass stops to say hello. Lucky indeed. 

It's going to be a wonderful summer. 

We love you so very much, 

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