Saturday, July 13, 2013

July Arrives

I am up with the birds today. They dart from one tree to the next, always stopping at our bird feeder to see if we have finally filled it with seed. Our yard (jungle) is growing wild and crazy with lady ferns shooting up willy nilly. Vines wrap around every surface, closing in on the last untouched plants in the yard. 

I blinked and suddenly it is July. Days and weeks fly off the calendar and time moves in double speed. I keep thinking that if I can just take enough photos or get things in order around the house, I can get ahead of the passage of time. And yet the hours and days just move faster and I wonder how anyone gets anything done. Summer has an important to-do list. There are barbecues and dinners to eat on patios, visits to host with out of town guests, festivals to attend, and ice cream cones to enjoy on stoops. There are pools and lakes to swim in, parks to explore, animals to admire at the zoo, and cocktails to mix. This is what I tell myself when I look at our overgrown yard or the handful of boxes still left to unpack in the house. These things can wait. There is summer to be had. 


Kristin said...

The pigtails! The pigtails!

kelly said...

Such lovely photos. Cheers to summer! xo