Sunday, January 5, 2014

the early, snowy days of january

on thursday i wrote "2014" down on paper for the first time. it is unnatural and strange to write out those numbers. 2-0-1-4. suddenly another year presents itself. one to seize and fill with the ups and downs of life. since becoming a mother, i feel my life has come into focus. the moment you become a parent the important stuff instantly fine tunes and the insignificant details fall away. not because you prefer it that way, no. but because your brain is seized up by love and chaos and constant movement and chatter. something inevitably has to give. for me this was a welcome change. a chance to quiet the outside buzz and simply be present in my life and current position. this theme presents itself again every january. the new year arrives with a reminder to pause, to breathe, and focus on the important stuff. 

along with the new year, a blast of winter weather arrived, which has given all of us no choice but to slow down. it has been a chance to stay inside and rest and i'm wondering if it should become a requirement of every first week of january. with the extra quiet time this week, we've had the chance to reflect on the past year and to think about the year ahead. 2013 was all about getting established. we purchased our first home and have spent the past months slowly making it our own. charlie took a new job. emerson grew and shifted from crawling to walking and running. her handful of words at the start of last year has turned to conversations that leave me in wonder and a fit of laughter. 2014 feels like it will be a building year. building out our life in this house. defining our path and being present in every single moment. 

some goals for my year -

- simplify and consolidate my overflowing closet. 
every season i try to do this and mostly i get rid of a few items, but can't seem to part with the majority. this year no ifs, ands, or buts. i am due for a major overhaul. 

- work with my hands.
i am overcome with a sense of calm when i am creating. making art and writing are my two great loves and too often they fall away in favor of bigger priorities. for my own mental health, i need to dedicate time to these things on a daily and weekly basis. 

- run another race. 
it's been years since i ran a marathon or a half-marathon. time to get back in the saddle and run another race, though i may need to set my sights on a smaller goal. 

- take more photos with my family, not of my family.
one parent inevitably becomes the photographer. this falls to me, despite charlie being a very talented photographer. when i browsed through our photos from the past year, i was shocked by how few i was in. this year i hope to have more photos of all of us together. 

- get organized.
my computer files are quite the mess at the moment. time to tidy up and organize. that goes for a few closets around the house as well. 

- take a class, learn a new skill. 
i would love to learn something new this year. knitting? sewing? wood working? 

- read poems. 
when charlie and i were first married, i would often read a poem each morning with breakfast. it was such a wonderful ritual. i'd love to do it again. 

- get more sleep. 
always the battle for two night owls like us. but i function so much better with more sleep. i will continue my efforts to get to bed earlier. 

- read 12 books. 
before emerson was born my goal was 25-30. 12 is probably more realistic. especially when that includes infinite jest. 

what is on your list? i hope you are warm and safe and surrounded by the ones you love. happy 2014! it will be a very good year. 

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